6 Signs Residential Roofing Companies are Legit in Georgia

Are you looking for legit residential roofing companies in Georgia? You might find it quite challenging knowing that there are so many roofing companies operating in the area.

Your roof plays a huge role in protecting you, your family, and your property from the weather. It can get expensive too so you really have to make sure that the roofing company you’ll hire is legit and will not run away with your money.

So in this blog post, we’ll go through the six signs you should look out for as they are a telltale that a roofing company is legit. This way, you’ll be able to hire someone trustworthy to handle your residential roofing needs.

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They have a physical address

Legit roofing companies will have a physical address where they run and conduct official business. They’re not just someone you’ll see online or hear through the word of mouth. They exist and they have an office you can visit anytime.

They have an online presence

In this day and age, every company has a website and social media presence. It’s the easiest way to reach an audience and generate leads. With just a click, you can already market your business to your target area without having to go houses-to-houses.

If a residential roofing company does not have an online presence, then it is definitely a red flag. They are shady and they might be trying to hide something from you. So just continue your search elsewhere.

They have a good reputation in the community and industry

Legit residential roofing companies have tons of positive reviews and testimonials not just from their past customers but from industry experts as well.

Their past customers can vouch for the quality of results they provide while industry experts can also vouch for their skills and capacity to handle roofing projects.

They provide detailed estimates

You know that a residential roofing company is legit when they are willing to provide a detailed roofing estimate. They will break down all the costs of labor, materials, operation, etc. They will keep you informed where every cent of your money will go.

If a residential roofing company will not or is unwilling to give you a detailed estimate, then you should ask yourself why. They might be trying to overcharge you with their services or they just don’t have the capacity to provide you with one since they are not legit, to begin with.

They don’t ask for full payment upfront

Legit residential roofing companies will usually ask only for a downpayment as a guarantee that you will pay once the work is done. Then they will ask for progress payments while the work is ongoing and then the final payment once the project is completed.

If a residential roofing company will ask for the full payment upfront, even if no work has been done yet, then this is your sign. Run! Don’t risk your money or you might end up losing them all in the end. Just find another company to hire.

They’re not afraid to put everything in writing

A legit roofing company will never be afraid to put everything in writing. They will fulfill their end of the bargain so they will not be afraid to put that into a formal agreement. They stand behind their words and promises all the time.

If a roofing company is hesitant to put all your agreements into writing, then something is definitely wrong. Never work with a roofing company without a contract. This is not just for your peace of mind but for your protection as well.

Looking for legit residential roofing companies in Georgia?

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