Hail Damage Roofing Inspection in Bremen, GA

Following a hailstorm, inspecting the roof for hail damage should be your main priority. It’s likely that there may be damage that is difficult to see but even though you might not be able to notice them right away, over time, these damages could cause more roof issues costing you more and more money. This is why to keep your roof safe and secure, you need to be proactive and perform a hail damage roofing inspection immediately. You can do this yourself, or you can also hire a roofing expert that would be able to inspect your roof more closely.


When inspecting your roof for hail damage, you should know where to look and what signs to look out for. To help you, here’s a guide on what you should look out for in inspecting your roof after a hailstorm.

​hail damage roofing inspection​

Damage to Your Roof

While most roofs can resist hailstorms, the impact of the hailstones will be absorbed and handled differently by each type of roofing material. It takes a skilled eye to recognize hail damage because it can be quite visible or occasionally very difficult to find. 


However, if you want to examine your roof before deciding whether to call a roofing professional, you can do this by using a pair of binoculars or you can also climb up to your roof for a closer inspection.


Make sure to keep an eye out for dents or dings big enough to harm the shingles. If you have a metal roof, look for dents on the metal that may cause holes. If you have tile roofs, look for signs of cracked or broken tiles. These can all cause water leaks and water damage to your home. Also, keep an eye out for indications of granule loss, weak roof seals, and missing or loose tiles.

Damage to Roof Vents and Flashing

After your shingles, check the other parts of your roof. The most common areas that show signs of damage are the roof flashing and roof vents. They are often made of lightweight metal so in doing a hail damage roofing inspection, make sure to check for visible signs of damage. If the hail was strong enough to dent the metal, your roof will definitely have damage in other areas. The dents and dings may cause holes, which in turn may also cause water leaks and water damage.

Dents and Dings to Your Gutters

Hail damage can also affect gutters. While seamless gutters made of aluminum or copper may exhibit symptoms of denting or dimpling, steel gutters have the best chance of surviving a hailstorm undamaged. Vinyl gutters, on the other hand, could be cracked and punctured which would warrant a total replacement. It cannot function properly on draining water to the downspouts if it has dents and holes. 


If you have a gutter screen or leaf guard, make sure to also check the metal or plastic for rips or tears. And if you can find granules of roof shingle debris in your gutters, then it is definitely a sign that your roof has sustained significant damage from the hail.

Pro Tech Roofing: Your Expert in Hail Damage Roofing Inspection

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